Tragic loss

Once again our DHB community faces a tragic loss. Chris Cresswell was very committed to our DHB and the Whanganui community at large. As Chris’ whanau, especially Mandy and their two children, mourn Chris’ death our hearts and prayers are with them. Their loss is also our loss.


Chris’ dedicated service to our community through his work, over many years as an ED physician, has positively impacted the lives of thousands of patients and their whanau. He has also had a profound effect on the countless staff who have worked alongside him.


Chris was nothing if not a colourful character. His need to be always championing a cause made him interesting and at times challenging. However, whilst we didn’t always agree, our relationship was always respectful and constructive. I hugely admired Chris’ strong commitment to social justice and the boundless energy he had for his multitude of causes, whether they be big or small.


Chris’ contribution to our DHB extended well beyond his work as the medical leader of ED. Not the least of his contributions has been his work supporting and supervising our RMOs.


For his compassionate caring, Chris was second to none. One of his unseen legacies will be “playing out” day-by-day across hospital and health services well beyond Whanganui. Doctors from Chris’ Whanganui ‘alumni’ will be providing patients and whanau with the same compassionate caring they saw Chris constantly role model. This, in and of itself, is a truly great contribution to our health service.


It will be a long time before the ‘colour’ that Chris brought to our DHB returns. Go in peace Chris.


Julie Patterson

Whanganui DHB chief executive