Health career profiles

See the links below for the stories of how some of our local health professionals achieved what they have in their health career.
Staff profile: Thomas Chung - Dietitian
I feel I have made the right career choice & am fulfilled within my profession. Food and its relationship to health has always been an area of interest to me so working in an environment where I am helping people manage their health with a focus on food is very fulfilling for me.
Staff profile: Linda Duxfield - Rotational Pharmacist
Having applied to all of the hospitals in the North Island, I was offered a position in Whanganui, and although I knew very little about the town, I had no hesitations in accepting the position. It turned out that that decision was one of the best I could have made as I have really enjoyed my time in Whanganui so far.
Staff profile: Shannelle Eparaima - Midwife
I have felt fulfilled and rewarded many times over in my career choices, both as a nurse and a midwife.
Staff profile: Chrystal Hika - Haumoana Navigator
From my early teen years I recognised I enjoyed working with people from all walks of life. I was comfortable in walking in both worlds of Te Ao Maori and Te Ao Pakeha, embracing and acknowledging both my cultures.
Staff profile: Hannah Roxburgh - Occupational Therapist
This is my first job out of university as a new graduate and I truly feel I have made the right career choice. I feel fulfilled enjoying how interesting and varied my role can be from day-to-day working on the wards and in the community with a wide range of clientele.
Staff profile: Kelly Ryan - Dental Hygienist/Therapist
I feel I have made the right career choice and feel fulfilled in my role. I enjoy both the dental hygiene and dental therapy aspects of my job. I like working with adults, children and their families to help them achieve optimal oral health. No two days are the same and it is a job where you learn something new every day, which I love!!
Staff profile: Scott Taylor-Moore - Social Worker
I feel it is a privilege to work with people of many ages and ethnicities in my role and I value hearing the person's story and assisting them move safely from the ward with the support of their loved ones.
Staff profile: Janine van Blerk - Senior Clinical Psychologist
I have previously worked (and continue to work) in the areas of chronic pain and physical injury, chronic health conditions, traumatic brain injury, sexual assault and trauma and adult mental health.
Staff profile: Claire Willcock - Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT)
In 2012, I was lucky enough to get employed by Whanganui DHB's Radiology Department and was so excited to return home after my study and work to be closer to family and enjoy the Whanganui "lifestyle".
Staff profile: Mel Chittenden - Paramedic (St Johnís Ambulance)
This has been the best career choice for me. I enjoy the challenge of helping people in their time of need, being able to manage busy and chaotic scenes that would seem impossible.
Staff profile: Gargi Bandyopadhyay - Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
I am originally from Kolkata, India. From the very beginning I always wanted to be a doctor.