Executive Management Team

The key to the efficient running of the Whanganui District Health Board is the clear division between the roles of the Board and Management. The board concentrates on setting policy, approving strategy, and monitoring progress toward meeting objectives while management is concerned with implementing policy and strategy at an “operational” level.

The Whanganui District Health Board is led by an Executive Management Team of eight. Appointed by the chief executive and Board. The team meets regularly to discuss the performance and day-to-day running of the Whanganui District Health Board.


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Whanganui District Health Board Executive Management Team

Julie Patterson - Chief Executive

“I have extensive experience working in the New Zealand public health service.  I graduated from Wanganui School of Nursing as a registered general and obstetric nurse and also hold a BA and MBA.  As well as clinical practice I have experience in training health professionals, health management, policy and regulation, and the planning and funding of health services.
“As the chief executive officer, I am committed to working with the other health and social services in our district to provide patients with safe, high quality health and disability support services, within the resources available to the district health board.
“I know the key to safe good quality service is a committed, competent and confident work force, working in an environment that supports and nurtures their development and their professional and personal safety.”


Brian Walden - General Manager, Strategic & Corporate

"I have held a number senior management roles since joining the board in 1995 and commenced the role of general manager, strategic & corporate in 2011.
I have previously worked in financial roles in the private sector and am a Chartered Accountant."

Rowena Kui - Director of Maori Health

"I am of Te Ātiawa descent. I am a nurse and midwife by training and have an extensive experience in working in Māori health, rural health, and health service planning and development. I enjoy leadership and the opportunity to by impart my knowledge and experience to support other to grow and develop. I am passionate about health. I believe that the Māori concept of whānau ora  provides the perfect   framework  for  the district health board and community providers to deliver services in such a way that collectively we can make a significantly positive impact on the health of Māori whanau and the health of our most vulnerable population groups."
Hentie Cilliers - Regional Manager Human Resources & Organisational Development Hentie Cilliers - General Manager Human Resources &
                             Organisational Development 

“After more than twenty years' work experience in a variety of public and private organisations, combined with a master's degree from the University of South Africa our family moved to New Zealand in 2005. In 2006 we settled in Whanganui where I joined the WDHB in 2008. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and supporting individuals to grow and develop."

Sandra Blake - Director of Nursing Patient Safety and Quality

"I am the director of nursing, patient safety and quality and the clinical lead for Reducing Harm from Falls, a national programme led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. 
I worked for Queensland Health for 22 years, returning to Whanganui in 2009.  My  experience includes charge of a tertiary colorectal unit and Associate Director of Nursing and Mental Health at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.  I was Nursing Director of Patient Safety for Queensland Health and set up the statewide patient safety centre. I am certified by the Cognitive Institute of Queensland as a trainer in root cause analyses and am trained in open disclosure."


Tracey Schiebli - General Manager, Service and Business Planning 

"My academic background in commerce, tax law and tax policy and my continued interest in policy development led me to the health sector in the mid 1990s. Prior to joining Whanganui DHB in 2006, I held various roles in the health sector primarily in hospital business management. I am passionate about the health sector and believe there are still many opportunities to achieve further health gains for our population."

Dr Frank Rawlinson - Chief Medical Advisor

"I completed my m
edical training at Groote Schuur Hospital in Capetown gaining MB.ChB. in 1980;  and did my psychiatric training in the UK gaining MRC.Psych in 1987.
Our family, Rozanna, Danya and Zara, arrived in New Zealand and Whanganui on 8 February 1988 and have remained here since."
Kim Fry - Regional Director of Allied Health

Kim Fry - Director of Allied Health

"My professional qualification and work experience is in social work, working in both physical and mental health settings as well as Social Service organisations in New Zealand and London. I have a Bachelor of Social Work and completed a Masters of Social Work after several years of work. My experience also includes management, leadership and coordination roles."