Maori staff profiles
Maori staff profiles

Staff profile: Janine Plumridge, Information Technician, Mental Health

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga
Ko Whanganui te Awa
Ko Te Atihaunui a Pāpārangi te Iwi
Ko Ngāti Kurawhatia raua ko Ngāti Ruru nga hapū  
Ko Paraweka raua ko Parinui nga Marae
Ko Janine Plumridge ahau

Tena koe my name is Janine and I was born and raised here in Whanganui.

I am the youngest of nine children to my parents Mot and Del Plumridge who were well known in the Whanganui sporting community through Netball and Softball.  I am a mum of two adult children and one teenager with my partner of nearly 25 years.

Growing up in Whanganui I attended three wonderful schools Kiwi Street School, Wanganui Intermediate and then Wanganui Girls College as did my other siblings.  I completed two courses at the Wanganui Regional Community College in 1988 (now UCOL) Clerical Reception Skills then on to an Information Processing Course where I learnt most of my skills I use in my role today as Information Technician for Mental Health & Addiction Services.  I gained certificates in Pitman’s - Typing, Word Processing and Information Processing.

I have done many interesting jobs in my life but was given the opportunity to become an Administrator with our local Iwi Provider Hinengaro Hauora under the umbrella of Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority.  I enjoyed the interaction with the Tangata Waiora (patients) and all the Kaimahi (staff). 

After a couple of years, it was time to spread my wings so I applied for a job with the Child, Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) as Receptionist/Administrator.  It took a couple of interviews before I got the job but stayed as part of this team for six years learning more skills over the years.  

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Staff profile: Cheyenne Potaka-OsborneClinical Nurse Manager, Te Awhina Acute Inpatient Unit & Mental Health Home Assessment & Treatment Team (MHAHT)

Ko Ruapehu te maunga
Ko Whanganui te awa
Ko Te Atihaunui a Paparangi te iwi
Ko Ngati Tuera raua ko Ngati Pamoana nga hapu
Ko Pungarehu raua ko Parikino nga marae
Ko Cheyenne Potaka-Osborne toku ingoa


I was born and raised in Whanganui and my primary, intermediate and secondary school years were all in Whanganui.  I then went onto UCOL to study a Bachelor of Nursing degree, graduating in 2007.

 I was employed at the Whanganui District Health Board, accepted onto the new graduate programme for Mental health in 2008. This was a great opportunity that allowed me to complete my postgraduate certificate in mental health before permanently joining the team at Te Awhina as a Registered Nurse in December 2008. 

From January 2011 to Dec 2011 I had the opportunity to take up the position of acting associate clinical nurse manager before permanently becoming a clinical nurse co-ordinator in December 2011. In September 2013 the clinical nurse manager for Te Awhina was seconded into a new role within the hospital and I was given the opportunity to be the acting clinical nurse manager role for Te Awhina & Mental Health Assessment and Home Treatment Team from September 2013 through to April 2015.

I was successful in securing the permanent role of clinical nurse manager for these services.

Throughout this period I have been well supported in working towards my masters in nursing through Massey University.

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Staff profile: Cynda BakerNurse Specialist, Diabetes

Ko Aorangi te Maunga
Ko Moawhango Rahi te Awa
Ko Takitimu te Waka
Ko Ihakara te Raro te Tangata
Ko Ngati Whitikaupeka te Iwi
Ko Cynda Baker toku ingoa

I was born and raised in Taihape attending Taihape Primary then Taihape College.   I completed my Bachelor of Nursing through the Tihei Mauri Ora stream at Waikato Polytechnic ( The kaupapa of Tihei Mauri Ora is whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and introduction for me, to Maori health models and concepts which I continue to use today).
My nursing back ground includes emergency, public health, health promotion, health coordinator for the Cook Island Red Cross and most recently clinical nurse specialist – diabetes.
I have completed a PG Cert in Trauma and Emergency, PG Dip in Public Health and I am currently working towards a Masters in Clinical Nursing with a career pathway towards prescribing.
I live in Whanganui with my husband and our children as it is close enough to home.