Oral (dental) health promotion

Oranga Niho, Oranga Kata - Healthy Teeth, Healthy Smiles

The Ministry  of Health’s vision is 'Good oral health for all, for life.'

Dental care 0 - 18 years
The purpose of dental health promotion is to raise the awareness of the importance of dental health. Oral (or Dental) health promotion encourages parents and adolescents to enrol with the Community Oral Health Service or a dentist and, to provide information and resources to change attitudes and behavior.

The service is free, children are entitled to free basic oral health service from birth up to your 18th birthday.
It’s important to enrol your child as early as possible into the service so that the first check up can be arranged. Your child’s first visit will usually be between six and nine months. Dental staff will let you know of your appointment once you enrol. If your child is attending preschool or primary school you can enrol with the Community Oral Health Service.

Towards the end of Year 8, your child should bring home information about choosing a provider for their dental care from Year 9 onwards. You may wish to continue with the Community Oral Health Service or choose a dentist contracted to provide dental treatment for secondary school students. Standard treatments are free but if your child needs extra treatments you will need to pay. Please discuss this with your provider.

For more information please contact the WDHB Dental Unit on 06 348 3120.

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