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Online training


All health professionals are required to complete core smokefree training.

This can be done by either:

Ask the Elephant logo OR STEPS Education logo


Ask About The Elephant online training
This training can be accessed via the links provided.Ask the Elephant logo



The training takes about 30 -40 minutes, is interactive and after a quiz at the end will provide you with a certificate you can print off. The last page of the training will ask you if you wish to register as a Quit Card provider. If you tick this box, you will be sent quit cards with instructions as to how to use them. Nurses in the WDHB need to be a quit card provider prior to doing the workbook for Nurse Initiated NRT.

Once you have completed the training and printed off your certificate, please show you clinical manager and also send a copy of the certificate to HR so that it can be entered on your training record. Keep your certificate in your PDRP – it is worth training points.

Sustainable Trainer Education to Promote Smokefree (STEPS)STEPS Education logo
STEPS training is an alternative to the 'Ask about the Elephant' online training.

STEPS is a face-to-face training delivered to small groups. If you would prefer this type of training then please contact the WDHB Smokefree Coordinator to arrange a session.

Nurse-initiated Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) training and workbook


This is for nurses who have completed their core Smokefree ABC training (STEPS or the Elephant), are a quit card provider and would like to be able to chart the first 72 hours worth of NRT for a hospitalized patient. The training consists of a self directed workbook and then having two assessments. If you are interested in this training, please contact the Nurse Educators or the Smokefree Coordinator.

Additional information

New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines
Nicotine Patches Factsheet
NRT Information sheet