Tobacco free NZ by 2025
Tupeka Kore Aotearoa 2025 (Tobacco Free New Zealand by 2025) was adopted as a national vision by the Government following a report by the Maori Internal Affairs Select Committee. The committee had ran an investigation into the evidence of the effects tobacco has had on Maori, resulting in a number of recommendations.

What is a tobacco free New Zealand?
The aim of all tobacco control activities is to achieve a smoking prevalence rate of less than 5 percent for all ethnic groups in New Zealand by the year 2025. Currently, smoking prevalence for the WDHB region is 26.3 percent, with Maori and Pacific peoples having higher rates of smoking than other ethnic groups.

Are they going to ban all tobacco in New Zealand?
No, there will still be tobacco available in New Zealand. However it will be considerably more expensive and you will have to buy it from a licensed supplier.

Is the 2025 vision 'do-able'?
Yes. A national Smokefree 2025 Working Group has been set up and divided their approach into three strategies
  • protect children from exposure to tobacco marketing and promotion (environmental)
  • reduce the supply of, and demand for tobacco (legislation and regulation); and
  • providing the best possible support for quitting (cessation).
There is a lot of work being carried out in all three areas. For example, the removal of tobacco displays in retail outlets (came into effect July 2012) comes under the environmental strategy; the increase in the price of tobacco products and the proposed plain packaging comes under the legislation strand.

What is happening in our region?
The WDHB, primary health providers, cessation providers, schools and support agencies are working together to develop ways we can support national strategies, increase support for smokers to quit, and increase smokefree environments.

Where can I find out more about Smokefree Aotearoa 2025?