Transport and travel assistance

Please note: you are responsible for your own transport home, regardless of how you arrived at Whanganui Hospital. If you have had an anaesthetic you must not drive for 24 hours.

Getting a taxi

There is a pay phone located by the main ward reception. If phoning a taxi, ask to be collected from the main hospital entrance.

Catching a bus

A bus service comes directly to Whanganui Hospital. Timetables are available at the reception desk at the Main Entrance.


You may have been brought to the hospital by ambulance and if you belong to St John’s there is no charge for your arrival. However, there is a cost to return home by ambulance and the minimum charge is $144, depending on where you live. Please ensure you have appropriate transport arrangements organised for your discharge.

St John Wanganui Health Shuttle Information

St John Wanganui runs a shuttle service on weekdays for those patients needing to attend appointments at Palmerston North Hospital.

What area does it cover? Whanganui city to Palmerston North city

When does it run?  Weekdays as required

How can I book?  As soon as you know your appointment time call Citizens Advice Bureau on 06 345 0844 to make your booking between 9.30am and 2.30pm, at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Is there any cost?  Donations are welcome.

Ministry of Health – National Travel Assistance Scheme

If you are required to travel outside your community, you may be eligible for assistance under the Ministry of Health National Travel Assistance Scheme which is funded according to the Ministry’s National Travel Assistance Policy document, effective from 1 January 2006. It is published and will be amended from time to time by the Ministry of Health.
To check the eligibility criteria visit
For more information about travel assistance, please contact the WDHB's Transport Coordinator on 06 348 1245. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm.


Alternatively, click here to view our Patient Travel / Te Kawe Turoro brochure