Aubert Home of Compassion announces closure

The Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) announced today the Aubert Home of Compassion at 2 Virginia Road, Whanganui is no longer able to provide contracted aged care services due to safety concerns around its buildings.
WDHB Service and business planning general manager Tracey Schiebli said the Mother Aubert Home of Compassion Trust Board had advised the home that an engineering report had indicated the building falls well below the minimum standard of 33 percent of the new building code (the threshold required by the Building Act 2004) making the building unsafe in an earthquake.
Ms Schiebli said the WDHB had received a letter this morning informing them that the home had been advised to vacate the building. This would mean they could no longer provide the aged residential care services they are contracted to deliver on behalf of the Whanganui District Health Board.
The Home of Compassion has a 54-bed facility with close to 90 percent occupancy rate. Ms Schiebli said Whanganui is in the fortunate position of having many unoccupied beds available across the district. The plan is to transfer residents to other care facilities over the next few weeks.
“The Home of Compassion notified us this morning of their decision, we understand their reasons and we completely support their desire to put the safety of their residents first and foremost,” Ms Schiebli said.
“We will be working alongside their staff and Access Ability service coordination agency to find suitable accommodation for all the residents and to do this in a caring and respectful manner. This includes working with residents’ families and taking into consideration that they may wish to move their family members closer to home.
“Because there is no immediate threat to the safety of the residents, staff or public we are going to make the move in a planned and thoughtful manner to minimise distress to the residents and to make sure we relocate them to the facility that best suits their needs.”