Chief executive stands by security incident investigation

The Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) has rejected criticism of its investigation of a security incident at Wanganui Hospital last month.
WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson says not only was the investigation robust but the report was completed by a very experienced staff member.
“The WDHB has complete faith in her ability and integrity and in the quality of the report,” Mrs Patterson said. “The report included interviews with eye witnesses and a review of security footage which confirmed that the doors to the hospital were closed for just 1.72 minutes.”
Mrs Patterson said it is worth noting that no members of the public were inconvenienced during the short time the door was closed because they had arrived well in advance of the start time.
“And a senior member of staff who happened to arrive at the front door as it was closed, assured me that no staff or patients expressed any concern at the time.”
Mrs Patterson said she would encourage members of the public to read the report on the Whanganui District Health Board’s website and draw their own conclusions about the incident.
Now that the incident and subsequent investigation have been completed, Mrs Patterson said she would like people to focus on the substantive issue of the Regional Women’s Health Services (RWHS) proposal.
“We remain committed to a thorough consultation process with the wider Whanganui community on the RWHS proposal developed for the communities served by the Whanganui and MidCentral District Health Boards,” she said.

Click here to view the Wanganui Hospital Security Incident Report