City Mission benefits from WDHB quiz night fundraiser

8 August 2014

From left: Community Mental Health & Addiction staff Alex Loggie, Tracey Cossey, Kieran Dive and Erin O'Connell.
Whanganui’s City Mission is several hundred dollars better off thanks to money raised at the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) community mental health & addiction team’s annual quiz night.
Established last year to bring staff together and encourage team building, the quiz night is now an annual fundraising event which staff say will support charities who work closely with them, and their clients.
WDHB registered nurse Erin O’Connell says the City Mission was chosen based on the work it does for mental health patients as well as the wider community.
“We felt it was a very deserving organisation to give to and we look forward to making donations to a variety of equally deserving organisations following our other fundraising events.
“We’re hosting a coin art challenge today which will see two teams competing to create a winning art work made entirely from coins donated by WDHB staff working across Wanganui Hospital,” Mrs O’Connell says.
“Our chosen charity for this event is the Women’s Refuge who the WDHB’s Violence Intervention staff work with and support in a number of ways. In addition to raising money for the refuge, our staff have donated ‘goodie boxes’ of shampoo, body lotions, new underwear, toothpaste, clothing and many more items which women and children need in times of crisis.”
Mrs O’Connell says while running fundraising events within the hospital is not a new idea, there’s a lot of enthusiasm among the community mental health & addiction team to run a regular event every three months and to come up with innovative ideas which capture the imagination of those taking part and those making donations.
“It’s a lovely way to bring us all together after hours,” Mrs O’Connell says. “We work in an area of the health sector that can be very stressful so having an opportunity to ‘let our hair down’ and do something we know helps support our colleagues and our community, is something we look forward to.”