Development of centralAlliance Strategic Plan underway

6 October 2014
A series of stakeholder interviews will take place over the next few months, as Whanganui and MidCentral DHBs (WDHB and MDHB) turn their attention to developing a joint strategic plan to provide a roadmap for the future of their working relationship under the centralAlliance.
The interviews will be conducted using a combination of individual and focus group sessions with clinical teams and consumers. The process used will be crucial in testing the proposed approach, and in identifying opportunities and barriers to cooperation, the enablers and ‘no go zones’. The aim is to confirm a joint strategy by the middle of 2015.
WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson and MDHB chief executive Murray Georgel say for them, the key aim of the strategic plan is to understand the region’s long-term specialist health service delivery needs and the impact this will have on clinical and financial sustainability of services over the next 10 years.
An understanding of consumer views and the views of primary care, regarding their interaction with clinical services across both DHBs, will be paramount to this work.
For some years now, the centralAlliance has had an established work programme looking at individual services such as women’s health, and some of the smaller medical and surgical specialties. The two boards have now decided it is time to take a longer term view across a broader range of services.
The catalysts for taking this work to the next level include:
  • board desire to see us working more collaboratively to ensure clinical and financial sustainability
  • informing the next phase of the MidCentral DHB Master Health Services Plan and associated capital development
  • acknowledgement that the future configuration of health services will be informed by further sub-specialisation, changing workforce expectations in relation to work-life balance, the need to drive productivity and efficiency to maximise use of existing facilities, and affordability across both DHBs.
The work involved is being overseen by a steering group with clinical, management and consumer representation across both DHBs. Mrs Patterson and Mr Georgel are co-chairing the group.
The project deliverables are as follows:
  • completion of an updated Needs Analysis looking at population and demographic trends
  • a guiding set of principles to assist the identification of opportunities for cooperation
  • development of clinical service options, looking at benefits and impacts
  • confirmation of the future strategy
  • a document upon which to consult our communities.