First centralAlliance Clinical Leaders Forum sets priorities

Whanganui and MidCentral communities can be assured their health needs are in good hands says Allied Health Regional Director Kim Fry - one of nine senior clinicians appointed to the newly established centralAlliance Clinical Leaders Forum.
To ensure funding and staffing are allocated to where the need is greatest, Ms Fry and her forum colleagues are hard at work identifying what the leading illnesses and health conditions are within the  region governed by the centralAlliance district health boards.
“We recognise there’s a need to carry out a district-wide assessment to pinpoint the areas of greatest health need and how that will drive the work we do to provide health care to our shared communities,” Ms Fry says.
“The forum knows the make-up of our two districts is very different with high levels of poverty and related health issues in Whanganui and small pockets of low socio-economic areas in the MidCentral area.  
“If a health issue such as heart disease is identified as prevalent in Whanganui we need to make sure Whanganui district residents are well served in terms of funding, staffing, treatment and education resources needed to fight the disease there.
“This won’t be to the detriment of MidCentral residents. Our ability to sit down, look at the two districts and consider if we’re placing our services where they’re most needed, is a direct result of the good work coming out of the centralAlliance relationship.
Ms Fry says there’s been a significant shift in thinking amongst clinicians since the centralAlliance was established in 2008.
“By removing the silo approach the two boards and clinical staff at all levels are looking at the big picture,” she says. “There’s a genuine will amongst clinicians to make sure the centralAlliance succeeds and the Clinical Leaders Forum is a vital part of that process.”
  • The nine WDHB and MDHB senior clinicians who sit on the centralAlliance Clinical Leaders Forum include: Kim Fry, Cheryl Benn (centralAlliance appointments), Ken Clark, Leona Dann, Sue Wood (MDHB appointments) John Rivers, Sandy Blake, and Lenna Young (WDHB appointments).