Flooding update - EOC active

20 June 2015

The Whanganui District Health Board Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been activated in the Ward and Administration Building at Whanganui Hospital to coordinate the response to the ongoing flooding.
The hospital is open and staffing is appropriate. Visitors are still welcome on the wards if they are able to safely reach the hospital although residents are being advised to stay at home if possible.
If you are at home and you have had no power for 6 hours or more, do not eat any of the food in your fridge. There have been a number of road closures with more expected. Check in with Wanganui District Council’s website (www.wanganui.govt.nz), Facebook page and local radio for regular updates.
Whanganui Hospital staff:
All shift leaders have been informed of the situation and are preparing staff cover for future shifts, as some staff are cut off from getting to or leaving work. Your shift leads are being regularly updated to keep abreast of any ongoing changes as a result of this flooding.
Continuing communication with patients and their families around discharges is important. Staff are currently working to identify patients who are unable to be discharged home, and alternate arrangements are in place.
Continue to contact the duty nurse manager pager 085 or on their cellphone 027 222 0926 if you have any concerns around you or your patients being able to get home.
If you are a Whanganui Hospital staff member and will be available to provide cover if required, please contact the Duty Nurse Manager to register your availability.
We will keep you regularly updated regarding Whanganui DHB’s response.