Ham, turkey, roast lamb and roast chicken on this year's Christmas Day menu

15 December 2014
Hospital patients staying at Whanganui and Palmerston North Hospitals on Christmas Day will be treated to ham, turkey, roast lamb, roast chicken and vegetables.
At midday, around 100 Whanganui Hospital patients and 200 Palmerston North Hospital patients will have the choice of roast lamb and roast chicken with homemade stuffing and gravy served with roasted vegetables, baby carrots and peas. Vegetarians will be able to order a vegetarian filo roll served with roasted vegetables, baby carrots and peas.
For dessert choices include steamed plum pudding (with brandy sauce); pavlova and berry sauce; or sugar-free jelly and fruit. A Christmas treat will complete the meal.
For their evening dinner, patients can order roasted pumpkin soup as a starter, followed by their choice of three main courses which include glazed ham (served with steamed gourmet potatoes and salad); turkey and cranberry sandwich (roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and salad); or roasted vegetable and feta salad.
Dessert-lovers will have the choice of either double chocolate mousse; stewed fruit, or classic jelly and ice cream. To end the day patients will be treated to supper with either cheese and crackers, or berry yoghurt, or fruit and nut mix. All patient meals will be served on festive tray mats.
The menus for Meals on Wheels recipients will be the same as patient meals. Close to 80 Meals on Wheels deliveries are made in Whanganui and around 90 in Palmerston North.
Staff working on Christmas Day won’t be forgotten. Staff working from 11pm on Christmas Eve will be able to dine on glazed ham on the bone and stuffed roast chicken during their dinner break. That will be accompanied by Israeli couscous, roasted vegetable salad and tossed salad. Steamed pudding with brandy butter will be served for dessert. The staff vegetarian option will be roasted vegetable, feta salad and tossed salad, followed by steamed pudding with brandy butter
Staff working on Christmas Eve will also receive additional Christmas treat platters on wards for supper. On Christmas Day morning, fruit loaf, mini croissants, mixed berries and fruit salad, and Christmas crackers for patients on special diet codes will be available.
Staff working on Christmas Day will be offered roast lamb, gravy and mint sauce, and roast pork and apple sauce for lunch and dinner. There will be a selection of roast vegetables – potatoes, pumpkin, and kumara – along with baby carrots and green beans.
Staff wanting the vegetarian option can have warm roasted vegetable and feta salad.
Desserts will be either steamed pudding and brandy sauce, or pavlova, cream and berries.