Health Minister announces Te Awhina refurbishment

Health Minister Tony Ryall made a brief visit to Wanganui Hospital today to announce a major redevelopment of Whanganui District Health Board’s mental health acute unit, Te Awhina.
Mr Ryall said the Government and the WDHB are redeveloping and upgrading Te Awhina to address substandard bedrooms and bathrooms, lack of flexible spaces, a lack of privacy, and poor heating and ventilation identified by the Mental Health Commission and director of mental health Dr David Chaplow.
The Minister is committed to supporting the WDHB in its efforts to improve its services to Whanganui people, who can look forward to seeing work on the redevelopment begin in January with completion in July. In addition to a new layout, the project will also include a building extension.
Nurse manager mental health Sharon Crombie said WDHB mental health staff are delighted with the Minister’s announcement and his commitment to mental health in general.
Ms Crombie said the announcement would round off a year which began well with the Whanganui District Health Board receiving high praise for its improvements to Te Awhina.