Home of Compassion closure completed

The Aubert Home of Compassion has closed its doors this week and apart from four residents who have chosen to move out of the district, all other residents have been relocated to alternative aged care facilities within the Whanganui region.
WDHB older people portfolio manager Andrea Bunn says while WDHB residential care hospital and rest home beds are expected to remain tight for the next few months, she’s delighted there were enough beds available to accommodate the other 52 residents.
“The smooth closure and relocation process could not have happened without the wonderful support we’ve received from all parties including the residents and their families,” Mrs Bunn said.
“It hasn’t been an easy time for anyone. We know how unsettling it has been for the Home of Compassion community in particular.
“One of the heartening aspects of this move has been seeing Home of Compassion staff redeployed to residential homes where they will continue to care for the elderly they know well.
“Another positive development is the establishment of a working group, which includes clinicians, who are actively progressing ‘enhanced packages of care’ as alternative options for patients who wish to, or could, remain living in their homes or alternative residential options.”
Mrs Bunn says the care packages have been designed to lift some pressure off the residential bed situation which the WDHB will continue to monitor closely.
Speaking on behalf of the Whanganui District Health Board, she thanked the many groups and organisations that had helped coordinate the relocation of residents and make it possible for most to remain in Whanganui.
Mrs Bunn said some residential homes had gone so far as to reconfigure their facilities to accommodate more residents and particularly those with higher needs.