Letter to the Manawatu Standard Editor

As a result of a lot of hard work and effort from staff across our organisation, the Whanganui District Health Board is pleased to report it will post a $3.1m financial deficit for 2010/11 rather than the forecast $4.9 million approved deficit reported in your paper on 16 and 20 September.
Given that the WDHB had Ministerial approval for a budgeted deficit of $6.3m, the final result is an improvement of $3.2m. We think WDHB staff can feel very proud of this.
Due to the size and nature of the population we serve, it will be an ongoing challenge for the WDHB to improve on these results but we have full confidence that our staff will do all they can to bring our deficit down further in the coming year.
WDHB Chief Executive                                     WDHB Board Chair
Julie Patterson                                                   Kate Joblin