Mobile surgical bus to visit Whanganui

29 January 2016
Whanganui is to host the mobile surgical bus to help the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) provide more timely care for Whanganui residents requiring dental surgery.
The bus has a particular focus on providing surgery for children living in rural areas. However, on this occasion, it will sit on the Whanganui Hospital campus where dental staff will operate on patients who would normally have their operations in one of the hospital’s four theatres.
WDHB oral health clinical manager Barb Dewson says it’s 14 years since the surgical bus visited Whanganui so to have it come to the city is significant. “Whanganui Hospital was the first in the country to have the bus onsite and now we’ve reached out and asked if it could be brought here again to help us reduce the waiting time for patients requiring dental surgery under general anaesthetic,” Mrs Dewson says.
“The bus will be with us for two days and it will be our Whanganui Hospital dental staff who provide the service. Considering that we only requested the bus a week ago we‘ve been exceptionally lucky with the timing. Due to a cancellation it was able to come to Whanganui almost straight away.”
Mrs Dewson says up to 18 people will be treated across February 9 and 10. Treatment provided will include fillings and extractions for young children, and wisdom teeth and full extractions for adults.