New Acute Stroke Unit seeks sponsorship for high tech beds

29 April 2014
Wanganui Hospital’s AT&R (Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation) Ward staff are appealing for community support to help them purchase three high tech beds for patients admitted to the hospital’s new dedicated Acute Stroke Unit.

CaptionWatched on by WDHB clinical nurse manager Amanda van Elswijk, WDHB registered nurse Akesh Pillai illustrates the versatility of the VersaCare bed trialled in Wanganui Hospital’s new Acute Stroke Unit.
WDHB clinical nurse manager Amanda Van Elswijk says a specialist Hill-Rom VersaCare bed recently trialled by the unit proved invaluable for both the patients using it and the staff caring for them.
Mrs Van Elswijk says it quickly became clear the bed helps patients mobilise early in their recovery and importantly, lessens the likelihood of staff injury.
The features the Hill-Rom VersaCare beds offer include:
  • ability to be moved into a chair position allowing stroke patients to sit upright early in their hospitalisation
  • an air mattress which shapes to the patient thus protecting their skin.
  • mechanism for weighing a patient in bed allowing staff to quickly determine appropriate medication doses without having to get the patient out of bed and onto scales
  • a lowering function to bring patients closer to the ground making their ability to stand patients easier
  • a turn-assist feature to help nurses to turn patients
  • a digital display that reveals the head angle in degrees allowing staff to optimise the patient position further.
  • end-of-bed extensions to accommodate taller patients
  • foot controls to assist staff as they work with a patient
  • easy grip side rails.
Mrs van Elswijk is hoping that knowing how beneficial the VersaCare beds are for patients, local service groups and individuals throughout the district might consider providing a donation that would help the AT&R Ward purchase three beds which cost $16,000 each.
Anyone interested in helping raise funds for this project or wanting more information is welcome to call Mrs van Elswijk on 06 3483105 extn 8105.