Please return our loan equipment, no questions asked

30 October 2014
Have you been issued with a walking frame, a chair raiser or a pair of crutches and not returned them? Wanganui Hospital is urging local people to return mobility aids and any other equipment, such as toilet frames and chair raisers, which have been loaned to them and that they no longer need.
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) allied health manager Louise Allsopp says while people may have the best of intentions to return the equipment, once they are safely back in their home, sometimes they forget and it doesn’t always happen.
“We loan mobility aids and other equipment to patients to help them with their rehabilitation and recovery but we don’t seem to see them all come back our way,” says Mrs Allsopp.
“Most of the equipment is only used for a short time but some patients simply forget to return them when they are no longer needed – many storing them in cupboards or garages at home.
Mrs Allsopp urges anyone who has a piece of equipment that was issued to them, and is no longer required, to please return it as soon as they are able so that other patients can also benefit from using them.
“There’s no need for people to worry or be embarrassed if they return pieces of equipment they have had at home for a while - we won’t be asking any questions,” says Mrs Allsopp. “We will just be grateful the equipment has been returned and that other patients can use them to help with their recovery.”
WDHB-owned equipment can be identified by the ‘Return to Whanganui DHB’ label which staff check is on each item before it is issued.  
Mrs Allsopp says people are welcome to drop mobility aids or any other equipment they no longer need to Wanganui Hospital’s Loan Equipment Service, with no questions asked. The Loan Equipment Service’s building can be found at the Gate 2 entrance to the hospital campus. Or if you are unable to drop the equipment off you can call 06 348 1246 to arrange pick up.