Please return our wheelchairs

WDHB healthcare assistant stands with one of the wheelchairs still at the Wanganui Hospital.
Wanganui Hospital orderlies are struggling to find wheelchairs for patients needing to be moved around the hospital and to and from cars.
WDHB facilities manager Grant Hood says wheelchairs are going missing for a several reasons.
“We know some patients ‘borrow’ them when returning home after discharge,” Mr Hood says.
“And we also know some are taken for ‘joy rides’ and abandoned on streets around the hospital campus and beyond.
“While people may have the best of intentions to return the wheelchair once they are safely back in their home or rest home, it doesn’t always happen.
“We have a strong feeling there could be many WDHB-owned wheelchairs sitting in private homes and rest homes throughout the city.”
Mr Hood said given that wheelchairs are an expensive item for the WDHB to purchase and replace he urges anyone who has one at their property or who knows of one that is off-site, to please return them immediately.
WDHB-owned wheelchairs are easily identified. The letters WDHB can be clearly seen on the back of the chairs.
Mr Hood says people are welcome to drop wheelchairs off in the Main Entrance of the hospital with no questions asked.