Pregnant women urged to 'call the midwife'

5 September 2013
Whanganui district’s lead maternity carers (LMCs) have drawn up their rosters for Christmas/New Year and say midwifery coverage will more than meet the needs of pregnant women over this period.
Regional midwifery advisor Dr Cheryl Benn says while some LMCs are taking a Christmas/New Year holiday, others have put themselves forward for duty to ensure the roster is fully covered and every woman needing midwifery care will be well served.
“To ensure women have the opportunity to receive our full range of antenatal services, we’re advising and encouraging them to engage the services of a midwife before they enter the 10th week of their pregnancy, regardless of whether it is their first pregnancy or not,” Dr Benn says.
“This includes the antenatal care, advice and screening opportunities we offer women from the early stages of their pregnancy – services we know improve the health, well being and outcomes for both mothers and babies.”
Dr Benn says women are also being encouraged to go to the ‘Find your midwife’ website , or to call 0800 686223 (0800mum2be) to find out who among local midwives are available.