Submissions reminder

Whanganui residents are reminded that submissions to the WDHB’s Regional Women’s Health Services (RWHS) proposal close in five days time on 9 May at 4pm.
The RWHS proposal has been developed by the Whanganui and MidCentral District Health Boards to look at how specialist-level women’s health services (obstetric and gynaecology) could be provided well into the future.
A key concern raised in the proposal is the longstanding staffing issue that has seen the WDHB struggle to meet its desired level, and quality, of care for women and babies.
The WDHB recently advised its community that a third O&G specialist from the UK has accepted an offer of permanent employment dependent on his work visa being finalised. And an offer has been made to a fourth O&G specialist. The two positions would provide a full complement of O&G staff in the immediate future.
However, because staffing is only one aspect of the proposal, the WDHB encourages Whanganui district residents who wish to make a submission to please view the RWHS proposal, information sheet, FAQs and additional information on the WDHB website
To make a submission on the proposal you can:
▪   Email your submission to
▪   Complete and send the submission web form found at
▪   Post your submission to WDHB, Private Bag 3003, Wanganui 4540,
     Attention:  Regional Women’s Health Service Feedback.
▪   Contact the board office on 06 348 3393 to dictate an oral submission.