WDHB appoints full-time clinical nurse specialist urology

21 May 2014

Newly-appointed WDHB clinical nurse specialist urology Lorraine Cox
The recent appointment of a full-time clinical nurse specialist urology has been welcomed by Whanganui District Health Board’s director of nursing Sandy Blake, the team of nurses treating urology patients in Whanganui and the Palmerston North-based urologists who hold regular clinics in Wanganui Hospital’s Outpatients Department.
Lorraine Cox’s appointment is the result of outpatients and scheduling clinical nurse manager Jan Denman and urologist Stephen Coppinger seeing a need to have a full-time clinical nurse specialist urology in the service. Their thinking that such an appointment would help support and streamline the treatment provided to urology patients is proving right.
People of all ages are treated by the service for a variety of conditions including incontinence, prostate problems, haematuria (blood in the urine), frequent urinary tract infections, and prostate and bladder cancer. The majority of patients are men and people over the age of 55.