WDHB clarifies decision to add 'h' to hospital name

15 December 2014
Concern that adding an ‘h’ to the name Whanganui Hospital will be expensive, is unfounded says Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) chief executive Julie Patterson.
When the board decided on Friday it would add the ‘h’, it did so very clear that the change would be made incrementally over 12 months (as was done when the WDHB introduced a new logo last year) as items carrying the name of the hospital are replaced or renewed.
Mrs Patterson says this would include changing two signs at the hospital’s Gate 1 and Gate 2, but brochures and patient information which is continually updated would be changed as part of “our business as usual”. Hospital uniforms carry the name Whanganui District Health Board – not Wanganui Hospital.
“Whanganui District Health Board has been spelt with an ‘h’ since 2000 so we are bringing the two spellings into alignment while also meeting former Minister for Land Information Maurice Williamson’s 2012 request that ‘Crown agencies should move over time to use Whanganui in official documents, publications and signage’,” Mrs Patterson says.
“There is very little that will need to be replaced with the new spelling. Our pre-printed letterhead, uniforms, vehicle signage and most on-site signage do not need to be replaced and changing the spelling on our website will not incur a cost.”