WDHB dietitians join their MDHB colleagues under new contract

Whanganui residents requiring dietary advice now have access to a significantly larger, more comprehensive dietetics service.
Whanganui District Health Board’s (WDHB) two dieticians have joined forces with their MidCentral District Health Board colleagues to form a larger clinical team managed by catering, facilities and maintenance contractors Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd.
WDHB Allied Health manager Louise Allsopp says while the two Whanganui dieticians will continue to serve the Whanganui District, their patients will have access to more treatment options and more dieticians.
“We’ve been impressed with Palmerston North Hospital’s dietetic model for some time so looked to see how we could offer a similar service for our community,” Mrs Allsopp says.
“It made sense for our two dieticians to become part of a wider centralAlliance team employed by Spotless. Clearly the much larger MidCentral District Health Board dietetic team has the luxury of being able to provide many more speciality services than smaller DHBs such as ours can.
“We have also welcomed news that the WDHB has agreed to fund a third dietician to support our efforts to reduce obesity and the number of people who develop diabetes as a result of being overweight.
“Obesity and diabetes rates in Whanganui are causing grave concern for health practitioners. To have an additional dietitian to refer patients to will be a bonus.”