WDHB hosts surgical simulation training day

The MORSim mannequin which WDHB staff are using to perform simulated, real-time operations.

10 May 2017



Whanganui Hospital theatre staff have been performing simulated, real-time operations as part of their first Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation (MORSim) training day with a team of Auckland-based MORSim instructors.


Whanganui Hospital is one of the first sites to implement the national MORSim programme designed to provide experience for theatre staff working in emergency situations.


WDHB clinical nurse coordinator Sarah Clark says the training aims to improve communication between anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses and anaesthetic technicians while also testing their processes such as paperwork, documentation, instrument collection and the staff members’ briefing and de-briefing skills.


The training includes a high-tech, computer-controlled mannequin which is so life-like it can be cut into.

“The mannequin’s pupils dilate and it blinks, bleeds, sweats and talks,” Mrs Clark says. “It’s the closest thing to a human you can get.”


Staff taking part in last week’s training sessions were given three scenarios based on real-life, challenging acute trauma situations. A team of three nurses, an anaesthetist, an anaesthetic technician, a surgeon and a registrar trained in the morning followed by another team in the afternoon. Each scenario took 15 to 20 minutes.


Mrs Clark says New Zealand is the first country in the world to offer MORSim training funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as part of their national patient safety initiatives. As they enter the programme, all 20 DHBs receive a mannequin and comprehensive training and support to create sustainable, locally-run training for all operating theatre staff.