WDHB introduces new, bright yellow, sharps disposal containers

The approximately 500 people in the community who inject themselves daily with insulin are to be given bright yellow 1.4 litre BD Sharps Collectors for the disposal of their used needles.
While it is standard practice for used needles to be placed in a sharps container immediately after a patient has injected themselves, this does not always happen and the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) wants to improve safety standards around this.
Until now patients have been placing their used needles in a variety of containers which when full, they take to pharmacies for disposal.
Population health manager Rowena Kui says the WDHB will supply the new, easily identifiable sharps containers to every Whanganui pharmacy and diabetes nurse specialist.

The process will be: 
  • every pharmacy and the diabetes nurse specialist team will be supplied with sharps containers
  • patients will either present at a pharmacy of their choice to collect the sharps container or the container will be supplied at diabetes clinics by diabetes nurse specialists
  • once full, the sharps container will be returned to the pharmacy by the patient and a new, empty sharps container provided in return
The new containers were delivered to pharmacies this week. Mrs Kui says the initiative will be monitored closely to ensure the process is working well.