WDHB invites hospital visitors, patients and staff to visit onsite safety campaign booth

16 August 2013
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) is continuing its drive to promote patient safety and raise awareness of the national Open for better care patient safety campaign with a booth in Wanganui Hospital’s main cafeteria on Tuesday 20 August.
Hospital visitors, patients and staff are invited to visit the booth where they will find fun, interactive activities including strength and balance exercises, coordination tests, and a quiz on patient safety. Health Quality and Safety Commission representatives will join forces with DHB staff including allied health workers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ‘man’ the booth.
Whanganui is the fifth DHB in the country, and fourth in the central region, to host an Open booth to raise awareness about the campaign and promote simple interventions to reduce falls and harm from falls.
While reducing harm from falls is the current focus of the campaign, three other focus areas - healthcare-associated infections, peri-operative harm and medication – will also be promoted during the course of the two-year campaign.
“Whanganui DHB is pleased to join other central region DHBs in profiling this campaign,” says WDHB chief executive (CE) and central region campaign lead CE Julie Patterson.
Open for better care has allowed us to bring a strong focus to the wonderful patient safety work already underway in our DHB as well as the opportunity to build on that. Central region DHBs, are very committed to improving outcomes for patients and communities across the region.”
Mrs Patterson and WDHB’s board chair Kate Joblin recently signed a pledge to support the Open for better care campaign which the WDHB is working hard to promote at every opportunity.
This effort includes placing posters with photos of local WDHB staff members throughout the hospital to highlight the campaign, producing large posters for the six central region DHBs, working closely with the Commission’s 10 topics in reducing harm from falls, and working with people and organisations such as residential aged care homes across the community.
The booth will be open from 10am to 2pm on Tuesday. Visitors will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win a $100 restaurant voucher.
For more information on the Open for better care campaign visit www.open.hqsc.govt.nz.