WDHB issues reminder to out-of-region patients

10 February 2017


The 2017 New Zealand Masters Games currently taking place in Whanganui has prompted Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) to remind participants to give their home address rather than their hosts’ address if, and when, they find themselves needing to use local health services.


WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson says it’s important to do so, because the way health services are funded means that Whanganui DHB only receives money for its Whanganui DHB population.


“However, if ‘out-of-towners’ give the health provider the address where they normally live when seen or admitted to hospital, the DHB will receive funding for them too,” Mrs Patterson says. “The cost is able to be ‘charged back’ to the DHB where that person lives.”


Mrs Patterson says while this is a situation that applies all year around, the influx of people visiting Whanganui for the games does increase the chances that out-of-town people will need health services.


“It goes without saying that ‘out-of-towners’ will receive the same excellent service we strive to provide to our locals,” she says.