WDHB physiotherapy staff celebrate World Physiotherapy Day

Wanganui Hospital physiotherapists and invited physiotherapists working in private practice have a big day planned for today’s World Physiotherapy Day.
Whanganui District Health Board physiotherapy professional advisor Helen Davis says to celebrate “How physiotherapy can help people with arthritis”, Arthritis Foundation New Zealand - Wanganui members with the condition are invited to meet at the Splash Centre at 10.45am this morning to join a water-based exercise class.
WDHB hydro-therapy specialist Lynne Powley is running a brief educational session for physiotherapists at 10.30am. The focus will then move to the main activity of the day - the water-based exercise class.
“It’s important the public understands that people with arthritis can enjoy a full and active life,” Ms Powley says.
“Many of our hospital patients have arthritis and most manage very well. We hope to see a good turnout this morning. We will be encouraging participants to carry on doing water-based exercise if they are not already doing so.”