WDHB receives pleasing certification results

The Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) has been awarded high praise in a recently released surveillance report.
On their return to the WDHB in February to measure progress made since their 2010 visit, auditors found good progress being made in many areas - most notably, in the Mental Health Service.
Produced by Christchurch-based company The DAA Group Limited, the report says a number of goals that were set after the last full survey and previous Ministry of Health reviews on the Mental Health Service were either substantially underway, or had been achieved.
It was noted that concerns previously raised about the nursing skill mix in acute inpatient mental health facility Te Awhina had been addressed with more registered nurses employed to provide the level of expertise necessary to provide safer care of patients.
WDHB quality and safety manager Judith Bothma said another positive mentioned were the WDHB’s open disclosure policy and procedures designed to support a culture of transparency and inclusiveness around serious events, complaint processes and involvement of the person concerned and/or their family.
The audit of the WDHB’s emergency department, surgical ward, theatre, radiology and critical care unit revealed good practice initiatives in all areas with assessment, care planning and evaluation of patients well documented in patient files and services shaped to meet the needs of the patient.
While the completion of medication charts was one area identified as needing improvement, a visual inspection of the medication systems did show good compliance with respective legislation, regulations and guidelines.
It was found that an appropriate medicine management system was in place and the staff responsible for medicine management had current medication competency updates and in-service education for medication management.
Ms Bothma said some minor recommendations the auditors raised regarding the maternity ward have largely been addressed along with the main recommendation that the ward’s generic careplan should be updated to become an individualised patient careplan which ensures patients and their whanau/family are involved in the planning.
 “The auditors thanked the staff for their warm welcome and responsiveness saying it was one of the best organised surveys they had participated in,” Ms Bothma said.
“We view the recommendations and feedback we receive from these audits as a valuable tool in  helping us improve our patient care and where appropriate, the procedures we employ to deliver that care.

“We are now putting senior staff and resources in place to ensure every one of the recommendations is implemented and we look forward to the auditors’ return early next year to check that this has occurred.”