WDHB reviews care given to unwell baby

9 August 2013
A review of the care given to baby Jackson (Jack) Jellyman has confirmed that the diagnosis of common childhood illnesses, made by senior medical staff in both Whanganui Accident and Medical Centre (WAM) and Wanganui Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) who treated him was correct and appropriate says Wanganui Hospital’s head of paediatrics David Montgomery.
Jack’s mother Charlotte Jellyman was reported to have said that it took seven visits to WAM  and ED before a correct diagnosis was made, she felt she hadn’t been listened to and it wasn’t until she was given an appointment with a paediatrician late last week that she was told what was wrong.
However, Dr Montgomery says following a review of what occurred it’s clear Jack did receive the correct care on each of his visits. And this week he had met with Miss Jellyman to clarify the results of Jack’s tests, which did not show whooping cough or asthma, and to confirm that Jack was continuing to progress as expected with his recovery.
Dr Montgomery said childhood illnesses are always distressing for parents and caregivers and “little Jack has had his fair share since his birth four months ago”.
 “I can confirm that Jack was seen several times by WAM and by ED staff between 17 April and 30 July and that on each occasion, he was assessed by a registered nurse, a doctor and on three occasions, a specialist paediatrician including myself.
“Happily I can also say that when I saw Jack on Tuesday of this week his mother reported that he is improving and she’s pleased that both Jack’s GP and I will continue to review her son at regular intervals during his recovery.”
Dr Montgomery says winter complaints such as colds or bronchiolitis affect most babies at one time or another. Most GPs will make urgent appointments for children with breathing problems. WAM will see children who don’t have a GP or who can’t get an appointment for any reason. The Emergency Department at the hospital is available for genuine emergencies, but if parents are unsure or very worried they should not hesitate to bring their child to the hospital for assessment. Specialist paediatricians are on call 24/7 to assist GPs and Emergency Department doctors with serious cases. 
  • Miss Jellyman gave her permission for the WDHB to comment on Jack’s medical details