WDHB's health target results show improvements

23 February 2016
Whanganui residents will be pleased to learn that Whanganui Hospital’s Emergency Department has achieved the 95 percent Shorter Stays in Emergency Departments health target with a 96 percent result for the October to December quarter last year.
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) chief executive Julie Patterson says given that it takes a hospital-wide effort to admit, discharge or transfer patients from ED within the six-hour target, she’s delighted for all the staff involved. “And I’m also very pleased with two other results released by the Ministry of Health today,” she says.
“The DHB’s 116 percent result against the 100 percent target for Improved Access to Elective Surgery is cause for celebration along with the fact that 92 percent (target 90 percent) of people eligible for cardiovascular risk assessments in the last five years have had their assessment.
“While it was disappointing seeing the WDHB only achieve 90 percent for the 95 percent Increased Immunisation target it wasn’t unexpected. Despite the best efforts of Whanganui’s immunisation team, a small number of families are still choosing not to immunise their children and small numbers of eight-month-old children are still not receiving their six-week, three-month and five–month immunisations on time.”
Mrs Patterson says regrettably, with a population the size of Whanganui’s, small numbers of decliners have a significant impact on the district’s immunisation results. In total, the families of 15 children declined vaccinations and a further seven children did not receive their vaccinations on time.  
For the Faster Cancer Treatment target which requires 85 percent of patients to receive their first cancer treatment within 62 days of being referred with a high suspicion of cancer, the WDHB achieved 60 percent – an increase of 16 percent since the previous quarter.
The Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN) continues to work hard to achieve the Better Help for Smokers to Quit target which asks that 90 percent of PHO enrolled patients who smoke have been offered help to quit smoking by a health care practitioner in the last 15 months. This quarter, the WRHN achieved 84 percent.

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