WDHB's target results remain steady

27 February 2013
The Ministry of Health’s quarter two health targets, released today show the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) not only achieving four of the six targets but reaching scores above target for Improved access to elective surgery and Increased immunisation.
Thanks to the efforts of staff organisation-wide, the WDHB once again scored 97 percent and, second equal placing on the leader board for Shorter stays in emergency departments.
WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson says she’s delighted with this result “because the target, which asks that 95 percent of patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred from ED within six hours, is a measure of how efficiently our acute (urgent) patients ‘flow’ through the hospital and home again.”
“It’s good to know that in improving our performance against this target our community are getting more timely service.”
For Improved access to elective surgery, the WDHB achieved 104 percent – four percent over target.
And in reaching 90 percent for Increased immunisation, the WDHB exceeded the target by five percent which Mrs Patterson says WDHB and Whanganui Regional Primary Health Organisation (WRPHO) staff responsible for promoting and delivering immunisation can feel very proud of.
As they have done since the 2010/11 quarter four results, all 20 DHBs achieved 100 percent for the 100 percent target for Shorter waits for cancer. “Our community is well served by Midcentral Health,” Mrs Patterson said. “The WDHB acknowledges our colleagues in the cancer services for their excellent achievement.”
Mrs Patterson said she was pleased to see the WDHB’s More heart and diabetes checks target result rise from 59 percent to 61 percent.
“I know the WRPHO & GP practices are working closely to lift this result to meet the 75 percent target set for June 2013.”  
However, the one result she is disappointed with is Better help for smokers to quit which saw the WDHB reach 93 percent – two percent under target. “Both our hospital and primary care need to work together to improve how we are supporting our patients to quit smoking.
“We are determined to reach this target and our staff are working very hard to get us there. It’s all about patients being offered the opportunity to become smokefree. We know increasing numbers of people in our community will try to quit if we can lift our performance in this area.”

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