WDHB senior nurses celebrate impressive weight loss

3 July 2013
When Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) clinical nurse manager Wendy Stanbrook-Mason, and
Lyneve Ryland, Rosie Rosewarne and Wendy Stanbrook-Mason

From left: Lyneve Ryland, Rosie Rosewarne and Wendy Stanbrook-Mason. Mrs Claughton was absent when the photo was taken.
duty nurse managers Rosie Rosewarne and Sarah Claughton joined forces to lose weight they never imagined they would lose 71kgs between them.
Determined to slim down, Mrs Claughton joined Weight Watchers more than a year ago wanting to reach a healthy weight rather than attaining ‘super-slim status’.
Inspired by her steady weight loss, Mrs Stanbrook-Mason joined the WDHB’s work-based Weight Watchers programme. Then she and Ms Rosewarne joined local group The Biggest Loser to benefit from its focus on good nutrition and exercise.
“The Biggest Loser programme uses a boot camp approach with intense exercise, nutritional advice, support and an open weekly weigh-in where everyone in the group hears how much weight their fellow members have lost or gained,” Mrs Stanbrook-Mason says.
“Belonging to a group of like-minded women was the answer for Rosie and I. We had to be over 40 and have more than 10kgs to lose to be able to join.”
Another member of the group was WDHB-funded Green Prescription patient support coordinator Lyneve Ryland who not only lost 26kgs over a period of six months but never had a ‘slip-up’ weight gain during that time.
Mrs Ryland works with WDHB-appointed dietitian Pushpa Wati who in turn, works closely with GPs, community nurses and many others in the health sector who share her view about the need for people of all ages to eat well.
Mrs Wati presents nutrition workshops to many different groups, including Whanganui workplaces, which she says understand the value of encouraging their staff to eat healthily.
“By helping the adults in our community to eat well, we’re able to improve the way in which many of our children eat,” Mrs Wati says.
“I applaud Wendy, Rosie, Sarah and Lyneve for losing weight and setting a good example for their WDHB colleagues and the wider community,” Mrs Wati says.
Meanwhile, Mrs Ryland has reached her goal and maintained it for six months. Mrs Rosewarne says she wants to lose another 5kgs and Mrs Stanbrook-Mason says having maintained her current weight for six months she plans to lose a further 2kgs.
 “We’d like to think we can inspire others to think about losing weight,” Ms Rosewarne says. “It’s not an easy thing to do but if you do it in a group, and you have support and people to keep you going when the going gets tough, it can be done.”