WDHB urges restraint over Christmas

8 December 2016


Show your support and back your mates who are trying to ease up on their drinking over the festive season. That’s the message the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) wants people to take on board as they celebrate this year’s Christmas/New Year period.


WDHB alcohol and other drugs health promotion officer Chester Penaflor is urging people to actively encourage their friends and family to drink in moderation and reinforce that it’s not acceptable to pressure someone to have another drink.


“If you know a person is trying to reduce their drinking, please support them to do so,” Mr Penaflor says. “The Health Promotion Agency’s Say Yeah Nah/Ease up on the drink campaign’ is all about trying to make it socially acceptable for people to say ‘no more’ and not be pressured to have ‘another one’.


“The promotion’s message: ‘I want to hang out with you and I’m up for a good time but don’t want another drink’ is backed by five key messages:


  • Yeah, Nah is a great way to say you don't want another drink.
  • Yeah, Nah gives you social permission to decline a drink.
  • Respect people's choice not to drink.
  • Not drinking doesn't mean you don't want a good time or won't have a good time.
  • Back your mates who are trying to ease up - show your support.


Mr Penaflor says the current recommendation to reduce long-term health risks associated with alcohol is no more than two standard drinks a day for women and no more than three standard drinks for men and to have at least two alcohol-free days a week.


“Special consideration is needed for older adults who tend to experience greater effects from alcohol and for those under 18 for whom no alcohol is still the safest option,” Mr Penaflor says.


“Another important point to remember is this: When supplying alcohol to under 18s, you need to obtain express consent from that person’s parent or legal guardian or you might find yourself paying up to $2,000 in fines.


“When it comes to having a good time, going the distance and using simple harm reduction tools such as drinking water in between drinks or choosing low-alcoholic drinks, you enjoy the occasion and remember it.”


Mr Penaflor says further information on low-risk drinking can be obtained through the Whanganui Public Health Centre on 06 348 1775.