WDHB welcomes Ministry of Health measles campaign that targets young adults

The Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) has welcomed a new ‘Measles-Free Summer’ Facebook campaign launched yesterday by the Ministry of Health to try and reach teenagers and young adults – the two populations most affected by the current national upsurge in measles cases.
It is hoped that the campaign’s key message that ‘measles do not have to ruin our summer fun’, will strike a chord with young people and, that the message will reach people of all ages.
The eight-week pilot campaign will feature daily postings of related information, video clips and web links timed to coincide with youth-oriented events such as the Big Day Out, the Parachute festival, and University orientation.
The Ministry is working closely with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, the national Immunisation Advisory Centre, and Auckland DHBs to encourage people to join the ‘Measles-Free Summer’ Facebook community.
WDHB immunisation coordinator Karen Howard says she’s very supportive of the campaign and encourages people of all ages to “check it out”.
“I applaud the Ministry for exploring new technologies for delivering such an important health message. We know growing numbers of young people are engaging with social media so it makes good sense to try and reach them through this avenue,” Ms Howard says.
“I support the idea too that this is a timely reminder for everyone to check whether their immunisations are up-to-date. Measles can have serious consequences. It’s a disease we all need to fight.”