Whanganui's Maternity Service up with the best in NZ

10 November 2014
Whanganui women giving birth should find it comforting to learn that Wanganui Hospital’s Maternity Unit provides one of the best services in the country.
“Women giving birth in Whanganui have the highest number of vaginal births in the country and the third lowest number of babies born by caesarean section,” says WDHB maternity quality coordinator Angela Adam.
“Both figures were published in the Ministry of Health’s New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators Report for 2012 released in October, so we have a lot to celebrate in Whanganui.
“The WDHB has a superb team of obstetricians, hospital and community midwives, and paediatric staff.  As stated in a recent story published in the Chronicle, we are now keen to encourage women living on the boundaries of the Whanganui District to give birth in Whanganui which I’m sure will happen as more families realise what a wonderful service we provide here.”
“Our maternity unit not only encourages women to have an adult support person stay overnight in their room, but for a small fee, extended whanau from out of town are also welcome to stay in Wanganui Hospital’s on-site Mauri Ora accommodation.”
Mrs Adam says Whanganui’s Maternity Unit data collected for 2013 is showing equally positive results. She looks forward to seeing them published next year.