Whanganui smokers urged to join WERO challenge to quit

23 February 2015
There are high hopes that large numbers of smokers will sign up for Whanganui’s WERO Team Quit Smoking Challenge due to kick off on 1 April.
Held twice a year in April and November, the WERO Challenge is an ideal opportunity for smokers to quit, have fun and win prize money for a charity or community organisation, says Whanganui’s national primary care tobacco target champion John McMenamin.
The WERO Challenge sees teams of 10 smokers competing to win a $5000 reward for finishing with the most people who quit smoking over a three-month period.
While teams can also win prizes for leading at four-weeks and eight-weeks, for having the most participation on the WERO website and for having participating pregnant mothers, all major prize money must go to a charity or community group.
Of the more than 500 people who took part in the 2014 national WERO Challenge, 35 percent succeeded in quitting, lifting the result from 28 percent in the first national WERO Challenge held in late 2013.
“It’s well known that trying to go it alone when quitting can be very hard, so we hope that joining a team will give people a much better chance of success,” Dr McMenamin says.
“In addition to the mix of health and financial benefits that individuals gain from going smokefree, our teams gain a great deal from knowing their efforts are benefiting a charity or community group.” 
Dr McMenamin says teams need to be getting together now, registering and preparing themselves for a positive challenge ahead. For more information about WERO and how to enter a team, go to the WERO website – www.wero.me.