Whanganui women thanked for their generous response to breast reconstruction study

1 November 2017  


Thanks to the generous response of Whanganui women, a study launched in late August to look at the experiences of women who have had breast reconstruction following a mastectomy is now well underway.


Whanganui women currently aged up to 65 who had a mastectomy between 2010 and 2015 were invited to take part in a simple electronic survey to help researchers understand what they experienced when having breast reconstruction and if, and how, that experience could be improved.


"We are delighted at how willing local women have been to share their views," says lead researcher Dr Roberto Sthory. "Of the 69 invitations we sent out, almost half responded.”


Dr Sthory says the survey will remain open until 12 November 2017, so any women who have not responded but who wish to, still have a chance to participate.


"While we still plan to conduct face-to-face interviews with some women, due to the excellent response we’ve had, we may not be able to interview everyone individually,” Dr Sthory says. “To those women who are not interviewed, your input is still very valuable.”


“On that note, our entire research team wants to thank those who participated and those who are considering participating. The same survey will be conducted with a group of Wellington women to see if the barriers they experience are different to the problems faced by Whanganui women.”


Anyone who feels they should have received an invitation to participate, but did not, is asked to please contact cancer nurse specialist Nicky Collingwood by phoning Whanganui Hospital on (06) 348 1289 for more information.